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What to Expect at Chaffin Chiropractic in Folsom

Chiropractic exists in our office to find the cause instead of just treating the symptoms of acute pain and chronic conditions. D.C. stands for doctor of chiropractic or doctor of cause. Each person has the innate gift of a "healer" inside them that provides the way to health, wellness and happiness. The goal of our care is to identify, reduce or remove the areas of interference, addressing the cause or contributor to the problem.

We provide a comfortable, fun, informative atmosphere, and treat you as we would our families. You will be provided information and guided towards the most effective way to obtain the results you desire and with this knowledge and awareness you will move toward true health and wellness and will improve and enhance your quality of life.

As you progress your condition will change and so will the needs of your health and wellness care. Re-evaluation will be scheduled at specific time intervals to help you stay focused on your goal, map your success and make the necessary changes to maintain progress.

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Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustments allow your body to function at its best by removing interference of your central nervous system.

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Exercise is fundamental to keeping your body healthy and strong.

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Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is crucial to maintaining health. You are what you eat.

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Getting adequate sleep is not an option, it’s essential. Sleep allows your body to recharge, recover and prepare for the upcoming day.

A Family Chiropractor in Folsom

Chiropractic care for the entire family in your neighborhood.
Everyone's health has four factors.

Your overall health is a product of four key factors: physical health, chemical health, mental health and emotional health. While chiropractic feels like it focuses simply on your physical health, it directly enables your body to balance chemicals within your body. Additionally, as you remove interference in your body through chiropractic care, your mental and emotional health will improve as well.

  • The state of your body.

  • The state of your immune system.

  • The state of your mind.

  • The state of your emotions.

Your Folsom Chiropractor

Dr. Tim Chaffin has over 30 years of experience caring for everyone from newborn children to elite athletes.

Dr. Timothy Chaffin

Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr. Tim has been serving the greater Sacramento area for over 30 years.

More About Dr. Tim

Dr. Tim is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He has served the Greater Sacramento area for over 30 years, working with newborns, weekend warriors, professional athletes and senior citizens alike. He has dedicated himself to being an expert in his field, completing over 1,500 hours of additional training to expand his knowledge base. Dr. Tim uses a combination of hands on, activator, percussor, adjustor and low level laser to provide the best adjustment around.
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